The State Library of Pennsylvania links researchers, scholars, and the public with documents, images, and other resources for discovery and access. We believe in providing an environment where everyone is welcome and respected.

Historical content in our collections convey a society and culture that is different from our current era. These materials document social norms, attitudes, and opinions from their time.  Some materials may contain language or images that characterize race, gender, ethnicity, disabilities, or sexual orientation in ways that are offensive. Some content may contain images or information from historically marginalized groups that is exploitative or disrespectful.  The State Library of Pennsylvania does not endorse the sentiments or viewpoints expressed within this content.  

We strive to balance accurate information with the need to reduce harm when possible. Potentially sensitive or harmful content will contain a warning so that visitors may choose whether to view the item.  Descriptive information conforms to best practices in libraries and archives wherever possible. Transcriptions from original items will contain the original language which can also reflect the biases of the item's creator. Standardized terms provide subject access to materials in the collection, some of which may be outdated or harmful.  Terminology changes over time and our work to create inclusive and respectful descriptions will continue. We ask that you contact us if you have any questions or concerns.